Meet Kathy


I know first-hand what it is like to grow up and live in this district. I was born here, I attended R-1 School District (Northwest), my parents both worked in the same school district, and I still live in Jefferson County as an adult.

I have been a Clinical Social Worker and Addictions Counselor for over thirty-five years. I have spent my professional career working with clients who face many challenges. To this day, I continue to practice and regularly see clients.

Running for Congress not only once, but twice, was not in my career plan. I have seen, through both my years of practicing social work and my personal life, the impact that our failing healthcare system, the weakening of jobs and unions, and a struggling economy, have on individuals’ lives. I was tired of political leaders not showing up in our District and continually voting against policies that would better the lives of residents in our community.

So, I decided to run in Missouri’s 8th District. Our work last election cycle had an impact. Since then, we’ve seen dormant Democratic committees become active, people in all counties begin to organize, and strong issues like campaign finance reform and raising the minimum wage overwhelmingly pass in this area.

Our work isn’t done. This campaign is about more than electing new leadership to Congress in Missouri’s 8th District. It’s about demanding accountability from our leaders and laying the groundwork for future Democratic campaigns in the District.

I look forward to working with you throughout this campaign and for years to come. Together, we can create a better, stronger Missouri.